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Pure relaxation with our individual treatments

Select individual applications specifically
We use products with high-quality aromatic oils, woods, herbs which develop their fullest and long-lasting effect with an appropriate pre- and post-treatment. Therefore, we recommend you discuss your treatment with our staff before you book. In such a way, an application of balneology can be optimized even more to cover more of your needs and desired and, if required, alleviate numerous of your complaints. A final transformative facial, manicure and pedicure treatments will make you sparkle from the inside out.

Spa treatments: more than just body care
Treatments in our wellness and spa area have something meditative about them. The cell phone is switched off, the hustle and bustle of everyday life stays far away outside and you concentrate entirely on your relaxation and well-being. As a result, you enjoy your treatments more profoundly, consciously, with all your senses.

Multiple modes of action
A spa day with individually tailored treatments acts like a fountain of youth, and it's no wonder: each phase works in multiple ways. For example, after a full body peeling, you do not only feel your skin breathe again, but feel as if you have been purified from the weight of everyday life. After an intensive body treatment, be it with a restorative, regenerative or stimulating effect, uniquely tailored to the needs of the individual, you cannot but feel reborn.

We offer you

  • face & body treatments
  • massages
  • manicure
  • pedicure
  • body treatments
  • balneology

Our spring offers

Our team is trained and would be happy to give you a personalised advice on our applications and care products: 
you can either reach us in person, by phone at +49 451 300 20 24 11 or by email to btyhnstschr-hfd.  
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Our welcome offer "Summer breeze"


Take new energy and let it go by a 
upper body massage (without face). You earned it.

Upper body massage with oil from Sea buckthorn
(ca. 30 minutes)

Hand- or foot massage with peeling and package from sea-salt 
(ca. 20 minutes)

rest period
(ca. 20 minutes)

€ 48,00 per person, bookable until 30th of September 2021

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