"bee-careful" & sustainability

We support the rescue of the bees

The honey bee is an industrious insect and is of great importance to us humans. Though someimes neglected or forgotten, it is through their tireless pollination that the world's diversity of fruits and vegetables becomes possible in the first place. It is estimated that around 80% (!) of all crops in our country depend on pollination by bees. Thus, the bee makes an important, even essential, contribution to nature and the whole ecosystem and therefore is indispensable. Therefore, we consider increased bee mortality a major cause for concern which requires urgent action.


To counteract bee mortality, the hotel "Hanseatischer Hof" supports the initiative
"bee careful" of the Schwartauer Werke to protect bees and thus fruit diversity and has already successfully implemented the following measures:

  • On our breakfast buffet you will find a real honeycomb for you to take your honey from.
  • The honeycomb does not only serve to demonstrate the bees' masterpiece, but is also meant to leave a sweet reminder of a special breakfast experience for our guests.
  • Instructions on the back explain you how to properly plant seeds at home.
  • With these measures, we intend to promote flower diversity to improve and prolong the life of the bees.

Further sustainability measures

In addition to the above-mentioned measures to protect bees, we are committed to becoming a sustainable hotel business to make our contribution both as a company and employer.

Until present moment we have been able to implement the following measures:

  • We use paper straws and order fewer commodities packed in plastic to reduce plastic waste. 
  • We support regional farmers and farms and buy mostly seasonal fruit and vegetables to reduce Co² emissions. 
  • We use motion sensors in hotel's common areas which do not require constant lighting. This alone significantly reduces energy consumption in the long run. 
  • We only print out as much as is really necessary to save paper, toner and energy. 
  • In the bathrooms we only replace towels that are on the floor, which not only implies reduced water consumption but also means less detergent and chemicals ending up in the waste water. 
  • We train our employees on sustainability and environmental protection. 
  • Our provide employees with healthy meals and sufficient breaks for rest to maintain our employees' health and vitality.

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